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After a dysfunctional childhood, a teenage girl begins an intense relationship with an older man in this emotionally charged UK drama dealing with themes of anguish, trauma and sexuality. There is disturbing sexual content. Hoard is a tale of mother and daughter; it follows Maria first as a child in their loving routines; their nidus of joy full of catalogues of love. Both like magpies you see. Then as an 18-year-old navigating the past as it pays a visit; when a box of mother returns and a man called Michael comes to stay. The shimmering memories that she once suppressed begin to haunt her; as grief never really heals does it? It simply disguises itself in things.

Director(s) Luna Carmoon

Cast Saura Lightfoot Leon, Hayley Squires, Joseph Quinn

  • Rating 18
  • Running time 126
  • Released None
  • Genre Drama

Show Times

Tuesday, 18th June

Wednesday, 19th June

Thursday, 20th June