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What is the difference between standard and live cinema?

Live cinema is showings that include but are not limited to Cinema Live, National Theatre Live, Royal Opera and event cinema. These are special screenings.

Standard cinema covers all other showings which aren't under the live cinema category.

You will be able to tell what pricing category a screening comes under by the ticket options that appear when booking for the film.

Do you offer 'concession' tickets?

Our cinema tickets are priced according to age and therefore we don't offer 'concession' tickets.

The age bracket for each ticket type is as follows:

  • Adult - 25-64
  • Senior - 65 and over
  • Young Person - Under 25s

We do recognise the following cards that offer discount on our standard cinema tickets:

Who is eligible for a carer's ticket?

Our carer ticket is now only available for those who have a CEA card and applies to standard cinema tickets only.

CEA is a national scheme which enables a guest to be accompanied by a carer for free. Learn more & apply at: www.ceacard.co.uk.

How much have ticket prices increase?

Cinema tickets have increased by £1. Our family ticket offer for group of 4 has increased by £2, and our parent and child ticket has increased by £1.

What is WOW?

WOW is our membership scheme which for just £20 per year, enjoy 10% off standard tickets, drinks, food as well as exclusive monthly offers. Click here to learn more.

How do i use meerkat movies?

Meerkats movies is a 2-4-1 ticket offer available through Compare the Market. Click here to learn more. The codes can only be used within the week the code is generated.

For example, if you get your code on a Monday, you could only use it for the Tuesday and Wednesday in that week.

Advanced booking is not available when using this offer.

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